International Workshop on UCN and Fundamental Neutron Physics
RCNP, Japan
April 8 - 9, 2010
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Program Agenda
Thursday, April 8
9:00 Tadafumi Kishimoto (RCNP director) Opening address
 UCN source
   Chair: H. Toki
9:10 Kichiji Hatanaka (RCNP) KEK-RCNP UCN source
9:40 Jeffery Martin (Winnipeg) UCN project at TRIUMF
10:10 Christopher Morris (Los Alamos) The Los Alamos UCN Source
10:40 Break
   Chair: A. Konaka
10:50 Bertrand Blau (PSI) The new ultracold neutron source at PSI: status and first results from commissioning
11:20 Manfred Daum (PSI) R & D experiments for the PSI UCN source
11:50 Anatoly Serebrov (PNPI) Project of UCN sources at PNPI and program of Fundamental Neutron Physics
12:20 Lunch
   Chair: S.C. Jeong
13:20 Ekaterina Korobkina (North Carolina) PULSTAR UCN source and some applications to material study
13:50 Chen-Yu Liu (Indiana) Coherent neutron scattering and its implications to UCN production
14:20 Hirohiko Shimizu (IMSS, KEK) Production of ultracold neutrons at J-PARC (J-PARC P33)
14:35 Masaaki Kitaguchi (Kyoto) Neutron rebuncher for pulsed ultracold neutrons
14:50 Break
 Beta decay
   Chair: K. Matsuta
15:00 J.D. Bowman (Oak Ridge) Neutron Beta Decay
15:30 Alexander Saunders (Los Alamos) Neutron Beta Decay Measurements at LANL: UCNA, UCNB, and UCNb
16:00 Oscar Naviliat (Caen) Measurement of the neutron lifetime with magnetically stored UCNs
16:30 Alexey Fomin (PNPI) Monte Carlo simulation of the neutron lifetime experiment by storing ultracold neutrons with detection of inelastically scattered neutrons
16:50 End of session
16:50 UCN source tour
18:00 Dinner Party
Friday, April 9
   Chair: T. Onogi
9:00 Adam Ritz (Victoria) Probing new CP-odd physics with EDMs
9:40 Yasuhiro Masuda (IPNS, KEK) nEDM at a KEK-RCNP-TRIUMF
10:10 Robert Golub (North Carolina) nEDM at SNS
10:40 Break
   Chair: H. Yoshiki
10:50 Peter Geltenbort (ILL) nEDM at ILL
11:20 Guillaume Pignol (TU Munchen) The neutron electric dipole moment search at PSI
11:50 Koichiro Asahi (TITech) Experimental search for an EDM in 129Xe atom
12:20 Yasuhiro Sakemi (Tohoku) Search for permanent electric dipole moment in Francium
12:50 Lunch
13:50 UCN source tour
 UCN physics and related physics
   Chair: K. Hatanaka
15:00 Vladimir Gudkov (South Carolina) UCN and Exotic Interactions
15:30 Valery Nesvizhevsky (ILL) Centrifugal and gravitational quantum states of neutrons
16:00 Willem T.H. van Oers (TRIUMF/Manitoba) Electroweak Tests of the Standard Model
16:30 Vladimir Ignatovich (JINR) Reflection of neutrons from a magnetic mirror with helicoidal magnetization and a dispute with APS of USA on linear algebra
17:00 Ryohei Matsumiya (Osaka) UCN storage experiment
17:20 Tamaki Yoshioka (IMSS, KEK) A novel technique to increase the UCN density for J-PARC UCN source
17:35 Kenji Mishima (IMSS, KEK) A Doppler shifter for a pulsed neutron source at J-PARC/MLF
17:50 Closing Remark
18:00 End of workshop
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